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Online Speech Therapy for Saskatchewan Kids

Helping Saskatchewan Children Regain Confidence with Every Word

Good communication plays a key role in how we interact with those around us. And if your child is struggling to communicate effectively it can limit their early learning potential and long-term development. That’s why True North Speech provides individualized therapy to help children develop their language skills while instilling confidence so they can flourish in and out of school.

Bridging the Gap with Online Therapy Sessions

Living in rural Saskatchewan is not without its challenges, especially when it comes to accessing professional and affordable speech therapy services. Here at True North Speech we’ve provided dynamic speech therapy for children in Western Canada for almost 20 years. We believe that just because you don’t have a speech therapy clinic nearby doesn’t mean your child should lose out on much-needed language-building support.

As such, we’ve gone the extra mile to help create a friendly, relaxed environment where children can thrive. More importantly, we help kids and parents develop healthier, more positive relationships by opening up the lines of communication.

Our in-depth, highly tailored services include:

  • Complimentary Phone Consultation
  • Specialized Treatment for Ages 4 to 19
  • Individualized Therapy Sessions Based on Your Child’s Needs
  • Financial Aid Guidance and Resource Support
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Step-by-Step Online Speech Therapy Process
  • No Locked-In Contracts
  • Jordan’s Principle Acceptance
  • No Travel Required (Fully Online)

Highly Experienced Private Tele-Therapy Practice

Shira Meltzer R-SLP is a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist who has provided speech and language therapy for children all over BC for almost 20 years. Holding a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology from Queens College and a master’s in speech/language pathology from Lehman College (NYC), she’s passionate about helping young children, early learners, and students expand their communicative abilities.

Wide Spectrum of Language and Treatment Needs

Every child has their own learning challenges and needs which is why we design each therapy plan to meet their direct treatment goals. In fact, we run the gamut of speech sound therapy to cover many specific needs, such as: articulation disorders, autism, motor planning difficulties, lisps, language delays, learning disabilities, processing difficulties, tongue/lip/jaw strengthening needs, and other communication disorders.

Seamless Learning with More Personalized Care

While traditional face-to-face speech language therapy still plays a wonderful role in the growth of young children, videoconferencing and online speech therapy is quickly on the rise. Studies show that student development, parent satisfaction, and a child’s personal growth are equally consistent through both pathways, which means you should feel confident knowing that this is a path that can help your child succeed no matter where you live.

Consultation, Assessment, and Targeted Therapy

Open a Path to Confident Communication Starting Today

Be it time, accessibility, or social distancing we want to assure you that our affordable speech therapy services in British Columbia can fit your schedule, your budget, and your child’s short- and long-term communication goals. That’s why Shira works with you directly to thoughtfully assess your child’s needs and create a plan that helps them succeed.

As such, we’ll walk you through the process to show you just how easy and straightforward speech therapy can be. All you’ll need is a computer, laptop, or tablet with a webcam, an internet connection, and a willing learner just waiting to thrive!

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